Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Canadian Smalltalk Programming Competition

I'm working with the Smalltalk Renaissance Program to run a Smalltalk coding competition to start in January 2016.  The competition is open to high school students across Canada with prizes of university scholarships we're calling the "James Robertson Memorial Scholarships".

The competition itself will run over 10 weeks in 5 rounds.  The challenge is to write a program to play a game we devise (details to be provided later).  At the end of each round, we produce a video of the top 30 scoring programs.  For the next round, we throw in a twist to the game.  The scholarships are awarded based on the scores of the final round.

This competition will be a lot of fun to play and to follow.  All materials and videos produced will be available for anyone to download.  Only student teams can actually compete.

We will be producing introductory videos to get the students familiar with Smalltalk, the development environment and the starting code we provide.

For this to work, we need the funding for the scholarships so we're running a Kickstarter project.  Come join us to help make this competition a success.